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My Story


    My name is Ariel Cornwall. In my early childhood, I had a music instructor whom discovered that I have a singing talent. From that point of discovery, I took advantage of the amazing opportunities I had to participate in music related productions. I won many talent shows, sang in churches, participated in school events, and eventually began to write my own music. I loved everything that had anything to do with the arts! Writing music eventually evolved into writing stories. Those early stages of my life are where I discovered my passion of music and writing.

       Post grade school I attended cosmetology school however, after attending and reflecting on professions that I felt would better encompass my other goals, I discovered Dental Hygiene. I completed the cosmetology program and enrolled in college, where I eventually earned my degree in Applied Science and after two challenging board exams, I became a licensed Registered Dental Hygienist.

        During dental hygiene school, there was not much room for creativity and arts. The program primarily nourished science and logistics. Now looking back, I believe that my inner self desired to discover how to harmonize both hemispheres to find my true happiness and purpose. There was one opportunity of an assigned project to teach children about oral health where I got the chance to utilize my imagination to create a story called, “The Story of Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth.” After the incredibly astounding response the story received by the children and staff, I finally realized that there was indeed a way to synchronize my two passions.

       Post-graduation, I founded my publishing company and published my first engaging, educational book that teaches children about the importance of brushing and flossing every day! The beautiful & unique illustrations feature an African American female dentist as the main character promoting diversity in children's literature. The story rhymes throughout the entire book and it even has a cute catchy song! My first published story is definitely the first of many more to come and I look forward to educating and inspiring millions of children with my stories around the world! 

- Ariel Thee RDH

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