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Become an Affiliate!

Thank you for your interest in joining the ArielTheeRDH, ambassador program!

Who is eligible for the program?:

We’re excited to partner with like-minded dental pros, moms, teachers, influencers and others that are passionate about  spreading the word on dental education!

What to expect:

If you are accepted into the program, you’ll receive a custom link to share and account page to keep up with your progress ! This code will not be applicable for self orders. Online purchases with valid processed payments will result in a 15% commission to you. Payouts will be available on the last day of every month!

Commission products:

Currently, "The Story of Happy Tooth & Sad Tooth" is the only product available for commission on the ArielTheeRDH website. However, as the site and company grows there will be additional items available to receive commission.   

Terms and conditions: 

Codes and links may be shared on your personal social media pages, but not on ArielTheeRDH advertisements (i.e. you can not comment with your code on the ArielTheeRDH Facebook or Instagram ad). Additionally, any code that ends up on a coupon site (e.g.. Retail Me Not) will be deactivated. Credits will be paid out via email on the last day of each month. Additionally, if your office is currently selling ArielTheeRDH Products, please keep in mind that your custom code is to be used for your personal friends and family only, and should not be shared on social media pages belonging to the dental office. 

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