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 ARIEL THEE RDH is a remarkable individual, a professional Writer, Editor, and Voice-over Artist with a proven ability to inspire and captivate her audiences. She is also the Founder/CEO of Star Stories LLC, a company committed to publishing great books, connecting readers and authors globally, while spreading the love of reading. Her achievements in the industry have made her a pacesetter with amazing contributions.

Ariel’s journey started many years ago as an underdog student in college thought to have little chances of flourishing as a hygienist. Her average grades and performance set the odds against her and her dreams. However, Ariel was always motivated become the best that she could ever be, and prove those who doubted her wrong. With hard-work and dedication, she went on to survive and thrive amidst the tough program, passing her state boards with flying colors. Leveraging the wisdom of her experiences as an underdog student, she has made it her life’s mission to inspire and help others to realize their own potential.

A tenacious entrepreneur, Ariel offers dental education to her viewers. She is a highly requested dental hygienist and has built a name for herself as a highly skilled and informed dental expert with notable followings and invitations by dental offices and patients. Allied with other dental health specialists Ariel helps prepare students to become dental hygienists, dental hygiene assistants and coaches dentists on running their office more proficiently to avoid burnout.

The surefire solution for all speaking engagements and interviews involving motivational speakers, Ariel sets the stage as an influencer adept in a wide variety of topics, including finding oneself in what you do, maximizing one’s creativity, and motivating students through dental hygiene programs. As part of her message, Ariel motivates professionals to create life balance and true happiness by harmonizing their education and learned skills with their imagination, intuition and creativity.

With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, Ariel is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning audiences, delivering an experience rooted in service, integrity, and expertise. Her strong teaching and authoring skills make her a keen advocate for her listeners and readers, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance her services and continually attain excellence, with audience transformation the ultimate objective.

A five-star rated children’s book author, Ariel is the hand behind “The story of happy tooth and sad tooth,” a colorful, fun, and rhyming children’s book tailored to educate children about tooth decay, while encouraging excellent oral hygiene and home care. Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and Walmart, among others, the book has inspired excellent reviews from readers, including parents and educators among other readers.

Ariel is committed to inspire, educate and motive millions of people around the world and help them realize ALL they are created to be.

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