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Our partnerships and collaborations are designed to foster meaningful connections with a diverse range of companies interested in aligning their brand with Ariel Thee RDH Co. We offer various partnership types, each with its unique benefits, to accommodate a wide range of interests and goals. Please note that participation in these opportunities requires the completion of our Collaborations and Partnership Form, except for the Affiliate Program, which has a separate registration process. We invite you to explore our collaborations and partnerships list that aligns with our values. We look forward to the possibility of working with you!

Our Brand Goals and Interests:

 Ariel Thee RDH Company excels in enhancing dental and overall hygiene care through comprehensive education and services. We empower dental patients, the community, and aspiring dental hygienists with valuable resources, school visits, and career day events. Our TFIT program mentors future dental professionals, and our C.R.O.W.N wellness program emphasizes holistic well-being for current professionals to prevent burnout. With a belief in "Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good," we collaborate with diverse brands to promote wellness and positive experiences. 


Companies of Interest:


We welcome collaborations with companies from various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Dental Care
    - Oral Care Providers
    - Dental Companies and Offices

  • Health & Wellness
    - Wellness Brands
    - Self-Care Promoters
    - Health and Fitness Companies
    - Nutrition and Dietary Supplements Companies
    - Spa and Massage Studios
    - Meditation and Mindfulness Coaches
    - Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine Practitioners

  • Beauty
    - Beauty and Cosmetics Brands
    - Accessories Companies
    - Clothing Companies

  • Travel & Lifestyle
    - Travel Destination Agencies
    - Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Travel Providers

  • Education & Community Engagement
    - Educational Institutions (for student services)
    - Children's Educational Brands (for student services)
    - Charities and Non-Profit Organizations (for community engagement)
    - Publishing Houses (for book promotions)

  • Sustainability
    - Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Brands

Our versatile partnerships and collaborations program is designed to create synergistic relationships with a wide array of businesses, each with its unique strengths and contributions. We are eager to explore opportunities with companies that share our vision of promoting well-being, education, and positive experiences for our audience. Please complete the Collaborations and Partnership Form to initiate the process, and together, we can create meaningful connections that benefit all involved.


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Brands We've Collaborated With

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