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About Ariel Thee RDH Company

Ariel Thee RDH Company, led by Ariel Thee RDH, is dedicated to elevating dental and overall hygiene care through comprehensive education and services. Catering to dental patients, the community, aspiring dental hygienists, and dental professionals alike, we empower individuals by providing valuable educational content. We actively engage with schools in our community through enriching educational field trips and dynamic career day events. For aspiring dental hygiene students, our TFIT program provides invaluable mentorship and guidance to motivate the future of dentistry throughout their educational journey. Our C.R.O.W.N wellness program is designed to prioritize holistic well-being, offering various resources for self-care.

By seamlessly integrating dentistry with overall wellness, our collaborations with a diverse array of brands reflect our steadfast belief in "Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good." We extend a warm invitation to explore our site, discover more about our offerings, and actively engage with our vibrant community.


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